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Websites for Writers and Readers!

How To Think Sideways – This is author, Holly Lisle’s website where you can take her courses on how to write fiction, world build, and a whole host of other things writing related.

NaNoWriMoNational Novel Writing Month – Write 50,000 words in a single month! This is the group to get you to write that novel you’ve been dying to write your entire life.

NaNoEdMoNational Novel Editing Month – You wrote that novel. Now what? Edit 50 hours in one month every March. This group gets you to edit that novel, and gets you one step closer to publishing gold.

Goodreads – Need a social networking sites for bookworms just like you? Want to shmooze with your favorite authors? This is the place for you!

RWARomance Writers of America – The place to network if you’re a writer of romance!

Rainbow Romance WritersRainbow Romance Writers – A chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Writer’s Police AcademyWriters Police Academy – Learn from real cops! Stop learning from the TV. Here’s where you go to see for yourself what it’s like to shoot a gun, to smell that crime scene smell, to gather the evidence, to drive the police car or ambulance at top speed. And you’re learning from the professionals who do this every day, so you can get your facts right!

Sisters In CrimeSisters In Crime – This is a group for writers who write crim fiction! They have a lot of events going on all the time, related to their genre, helping you write better fiction and recommending good reading.

Writer’s DigestWriter’s Digest – One of the most useful websites for a new writer. They have a lot of books that are a must read and great webinars on every topic imaginable!

The Graveyard ShiftLee Lofland’s blog. Lee is a veteran police investigator who’s worked almost every branch of law enforcement from patrol officer to Sheriff’s Deupty to K-9 handler. Want to know how to restore the serial number on a gun? Check out his blog.


Other M/M authors you might enjoy:

Ginn Hale – Author of gay fantasy, most known for The Rifter series and her first novel Wicked Gentlemen.

Joseph Hansen – (1923-2004) Author of gay mysteries, he is most known for his Brandstetter series featuring gay insurance investigator, Dave Brandstetter.

Josh Lanyon – Writing gay mystery, adventure and romance, he is most known for his Adrien English mystery/romance series.

Alex Beecroft -Author of gay historical and fantasy fiction.

Josephine Myles – Author of gay romance with lashings of English sauce.

Jordan Castillo Price – Author of paranormal M/M Romance. She’s most notably known for her Psycop series featuring gay medium detective, Victor Bayne.

Anne Tenino – Serving gay romance, snarky side up!

Aleksandr Voinov – Author of dark books, with even darker men falling for each other the only way they know how.

Blaine D. Arden – Author of gay and trans* fantasy romance.

Belinda McBride – Author of erotic romance, speculative fiction, and LGBTQ romance.

Kaje Harper –  Author of contemporary romance as well as some paranormal werewolf romance novels.

Andrea Speed – Author of gay paranormal fiction, she is most known for her Infected series featuring a lion shifter named Roan.

Neil Plakcy (Rhymes with taxi) – Author of gay mysteries, most known for his Mahu series featuring gay Hawai’ian detective, Kimo Kanapa’aka.

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