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Short Stories

My short stories are likely to be few and farbetween, however, I do have a short story in the FREE book Don’t Read in the Closet Vol. 2, which can be downloaded from here: 

Writer’s were given a picture and a Dear Author letter from which to craft a short story. Here’s the picture I was given to work with:

This is Sebastian on the left and Ethan on the right. Hot. Yeah? I thought so. I love these boys.

I was also inspired a great deal from the song “Almost Unreal” by Roxette.  When I heard it, it just seemed to fit perfectly. I hope that comes through in the story, if even just the tiniest bit.

Here are the technical details followed by a teaser:

Title: Finding Home

Word Count: 10,600 words
Characters: Sebastian and Ethan
Genre: M/M
SubGenre: Sci Fi
Tags: military, year 2200, spaceships, obliterated Earth, aliens, robot soldiers, a hot interspecies man, sweet future technology, a kick-ass grandmother, and a Reference Hologram


The sound of something exploding nearby had Sebastian attempting to curl into a ball of protection, his eyes still shut tight.

 “Sebastian. Hey, open your eyes.”

Everything was suddenly still and quiet as the sunlight disappeared into darkness and the assault of shrapnel bullets exploding above him ceased. A gloved hand cupped his cheek. He thought he felt the cold steel of a ring through the fabric, though he couldn’t be too sure. The voice he’d heard was right in his ear.

 He opened his eyes to see Ethan lying on top of him, dirt and grime smeared across his face. Damn, there was worry in those deep brown… no, rust-colored eyes. Since when had Ethan’s eyes been the color of rust? He could see the distinct flecks of orange and red dancing together to create the warmth he saw.

 He blinked. But Ethan’s eyes remained their strange new color.

 “Are you okay?” Ethan whispered, his body still covering Sebastian’s, the muscles in his left forearm tense and bulging as they kept him from crushing Sebastian beneath him.  

 “Your eyes…How did you…? How did we…? Where are we?”

 Ethan’s worried expression gave way to a grin and he held up his right gloved hand to show a fireball glowing in his palm. “Firebombed the bastards,” he said. “And we’re on the ship.” Shifting slightly, bits of shrapnel rolled off Ethan’s back.

 The loss of the heat from the palm on his cheek and the knowledge that Ethan had thrown him into the ship and protected him from assault, sent a shiver down Sebastian’s spine.


To read Finding Home in it’s entirety click the link below:

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  1. March 18, 2012 1:23 am

    loved this story wished it was longer ‘0)

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