MM Flash Fiction #4

M/M Flash Fiction #4: Untitled

March 2014

Writing Prompts:
1.) National Opposite Day
2.) A very polite monster
3.) Eden Crawford
4.) Kyle Randall


       The last time I’d eaten lettuce I was twelve. Right before the change.

       “Eden!” a young man called out, catching up with me. “I didn’t know you were vegan too.”

       I kept my eyes averted. I’d hoped no one would notice me at the meeting.

       “Kyle Randall. You fixed the lock on my restaurant.”

       Now I knew why his voice sounded familiar.

       “Just helping my Dad,” I said, glancing at him.

       “This your first time at a vegan support group?”

       I nodded.

       “So what made you want to change?”

       “I just want to be normal.”

       “Normal?” Kyle turned to face me, making me stop short.

       Thinking of the cage my parents would lock me in tonight, I shrugged my shoulders.

       He invited me to get a coffee with him and I accepted, if only have some company for a while that wasn’t my parents. I might have been in my twenties, but I still felt like a five-year-old in their house.

       When we sat down in the café, my heart rate seemed to skyrocket. I had to admit Kyle was good looking. Handsome. I’d thought so the first time I’d seen him.

       “A good looking guy like you must have a boyfriend,” Kyle said, one eyebrow arched.

       His knee brushed mine and my blood started rushing south. Could he tell? I tried to calm down, but my body wasn’t having it.

       Then it hit me as to what was actually happening. My fingers were trembling. My toes too. I jumped up from the table and ran for my life, intent on getting home and knowing it was impossible. I always got hard before the shift. But usually my body waited until nightfall.

       Panicking, I found an empty ally and stripped, not wanting to tear my clothes apart. My bones began popping out of their sockets and reshaping. I let out a scream of pain and fell to the ground when my bones could no longer hold me up.

       “Are you all right?” An older woman came tentatively toward me.

       Grey wolf hair burst out all over my skin.

       She stifled a scream and ran away.

       Kyle was in the ally next. He was watching me shift. I let out a whimper. I hadn’t wanted him to see this. He turned his back on me and stood in the mouth of the ally. Was he looking for a cop to report me? Probably.

       I finished shifting and lay on the cement, panting, trying hard to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. This was the first time I wasn’t behind bars when I shifted. What would happen now?

       Kyle approached, smiling. “You’re beautiful.”

       How was that possible? I backed away. He knelt before me.

       “You’re not a monster, if that’s what you think. My sister’s like you. She and I go for long hikes in the mountains during her shift. You should join us.”

       I took a step toward him. Those were the best words I’d ever heard.

The End