MM Flash Fiction #3

M/M Flash Fiction #3: Untitled

March 2014

Writing Prompts:
1.) Quest
2.) Someone afraid of the dark (Nyctophobia)
3.) Trent Norton
4.) Adan Cannon

       Adan wasn’t normally this terrified of anything. He was a brain surgeon at the best hospital in the county, never mind that he’d uncoiled a snake from around his toilet once. But that was in broad daylight, not blinding darkness.

       Thunder rumbled in the sky, finally moving off.

       His night lights were out. All twenty of them, he’d figured. 

       Adan hid beneath his covers, his body shaking so hard a burglar would know where to find him. His pajamas were soaked in sweat, and he was very thirsty. Yet anything could grab him if he went for the glass of water on the nightstand. Or bite him.

       Someone had likely cut his power on purpose. Someone looking to hurt him, who knew about his nyctophobia. Images of a masked man wielding a baseball bat tumbled through Adan’s mind. He had to call for help. Had to call Trent.

       Trent didn’t know about the fear. He would come home and find him dead because he was too afraid to look for the phone in the dark. Eyes shut tight, Adan stumbled out of bed.

       Something wrapped around his ankles. Someone was already in his bedroom. His heart began to race. Panic consumed him. He cried out. Kicked at the grip. Struggled to get to his feet.

       He opened his eyes. Saw his bedroom doorway in the gloom. Shut them again. He ran. He swung right, gripping the doorjamb. Pain flared in his big toe. He went down. Was struck in the head. He rolled to the side. The phone cord was coiled around his neck. He was being strangled.

       It loosened. Adan gulped air, legs kicking to keep his attacker away.

       His backside was kicked. He toppled down the stairs and landed in a heap at the bottom. His cell phone began to ring where he’d left it by the front door. Adan forced his eyes open again and dashed toward it. Footsteps thudded on the stairs. He answered the phone.

       “He’s going to kill me!”

       “Who? I’m at your door. Hold on.”

       A key scraped in the lock and his front door opened.


       “Here.” Adan shuddered with relief at seeing Trent, who quickly moved to check the house for intruders.

       “Police! You’d better come out with your hands up.”

       He was still breathing hard when Trent returned and helped him calm down.

       “No one else here, babe.”

       Trent’s flash light showed the trail of his land line and bed sheets on the stairs. The hall table was on it’s side.

       “We’ve got a generator working at the station. I was coming to offer you a night there.”

       “I’m not afraid of the dark.” Adan snuggled in close, ignoring the gadgets on Trent’s belt digging into his side.

       “It’s okay if you are.”

       “I’m a brain surgeon. I can’t be afraid of things.”

       “I’m terrified of snakes.”

       “You are?”

       Trent nodded.

       Adan smiled up at him. “Snakes I can handle.”

       “Come to the station with me?”

       “Just let me get dressed.”

The End

Author’s Note: Viewing that I’m taking a class in how to write flash fiction in 500 words or less, I worked really hard to get this under 500. Even though my original goal was 1K or less, and that would have easily worked for this story, I wanted to stick to the guidelines of the class. So far so good. This one was tricky because Trent doesn’t enter the story until the end. I hope he got enough air time to show off just how good a boyfriend he really is. 🙂