MM Flash Fiction #2.5

M/M Flash Fiction: #2.5: Untitled

March 2014

Writing Prompts:

1.) Teenager

2.) Last Chance

3.) Yahir Parker

4.) Zoey Butler

5.) Zane Verne


            Zane approached the table in the library, his heart hammering away in his chest. Yahir was already there, his chemistry text book open as he took notes on a piece of lined paper. Zane had often wondered what it would be like to run his fingers through the handsome boy’s fine black hair, his bangs swept to the side of his forehead. But the part about Yahir Zane liked best were his eyes. Whenever they seemed to land on him, those brilliant blue orbs danced with happiness.

            Now, he sidled nervously up to the table and pulled out a chair across from Yahir.

            “Ah, Zane, you’re here. Come sit over here. Then we can look at the book together.”

            Oh God. Did he know what he was asking? Swallowing a lump in his throat, Zane moved to do as he was asked. Sitting down, he could feel the heat from Yahir’s body and yearned to wrap his arms around the older boy and forget about chemistry for awhile.

            “So what’s going on with chemistry that you need me to tutor you?” Yahir asked, his lips tugging into a warm smile.

            “Mr. Mills said this is my last chance. I’ve pretty much failed every test. He’s giving me a special one with an essay question at the end. If I don’t get at least a C, he’s going to flunk me. I’m so stupid. I don’t see how this will help. I suck at-“

            “Don’t say that. You’re not stupid. Wherever you got that idea… Last week, you explained the pink triangle in front of the entire history class. That took guts. Not only that, but you knew what you were talking about. So, if you can learn history, you can learn chemistry too.”

            Zane felt his face flush with heat. “What do you know about the pink triangle?” he asked, before he’d gotten a hold on his thoughts.

            Yahir grinned back at him, his fingers coming up to gently touch Zane’s cheek. “I know plenty about the pink triangle.” He lowered his hand. “But what do you know about nitrogen?”

            “Nitrogen?” Zane had momentarily forgotten why he was there in the first place.

            “Yes, nitrogen. You tell me about the periodic table, and then perhaps we can talk about your history project. In detail.”

            Zane’s head swam and he grinned back. Chemistry would be a piece of cake.

 The End

Author’s Note:

Coming up with a story for these prompts was hard. Yet, when I least expected it, this little story popped into my head and took very little time to write.