Giving Wings

M/M Flash Fiction #7: Giving Wings
April 2014

Writing Prompts:
1.) Someone who lives in a tree house
2.) Last of three wishes
3.) Faith Black
4.) John Cedar
5.) Maxine Montoya

Author’s Note:  This is about a Dominant/submissive relationship, not BDSM.

       Blythe Rubbed the genie’s lamp and whispered the incantations he’d been taught. The Drag Queen Genie rose from within, amid a poof of sequins.

       “Maxine The Great at your service, Blythe. What will be your first wish?” she asked.

       “Faith and I have been married for a year now,” he explained. “And even though it was arranged by the town elders, I do love him. So much it hurts sometimes. But he still cares for the shunned bird shifter more than me. Can you make Faith stop loving John?”

       “Messing with other’s feelings isn’t always advisable,” she said.

       “Please?” he begged. “I don’t know how else to help him move on.”

       “Maxine The Great will do it, but she cannot guarantee the outcome.”

       He nodded and she wiggled her fingers in the air. A cloud of sequins rained down and she disappeared, presumably back into her bottle.

       Blythe went to see Faith in his studio upstairs. His husband was painting two nude male angels on canvas. Two sets of wings enfolded them in a loving embrace while a breeze entangled their long hair together.

       “How are things coming along?” Blythe asked.

       “My work is well sought after, as you know, Sir.”


       “No one wants the winged pictures, Sir.”

       Even Blythe had to admit they were beautiful.

       “I’m sorry, love. Maybe you should paint something else?”

       Faith turned away.

       Blythe looked around at the paintings that hadn’t sold. The largest was a lone hawk on a branch.

       With a sudden howl of rage, Faith jabbed the pointed end of his brush into a white feathered wing, puncturing the canvas.

       Blythe stepped back, shocked at the anger he’d never known his husband to posses.

       “I hate that he’s a shifter!” Faith screamed. “I hate that no one understands him because he’s different.”

       Blythe grabbed Faith and wrapped him in his arms.

       “Make him love me,” Blythe said to Maxine who stood in the doorway. “Please.” Inside, his heart was cracking, well on its way to shattering.

       She wiggled her fingers and Faith took a step back from him. “It’s our anniversary,” Faith said, eyes wide in shock. “I forgot! I have to prepare dinner.”

      “Dinner?” Blythe was confused. “But you don’t… cook.”

       Two hours later, after Faith had shooed Blythe out of the kitchen, he returned at the smell of something burning. The steak was smoking when Faith set it on the stove.

      Tears ran down Faith’s cheeks.

       “What’s wrong?”

       “The submissive partner is supposed to create a romantic dinner on the one year anniversary. The elders come for dessert, to see how we’re getting on. I’m sorry, Sir. I never meant to fail you.”

       Maxine, again, stood in the doorway.

       Recalling the angels, Blythe said, “you could never fail me, love.” He took a steadying breath as tears slipped down his own face. “I think I have some advocating for hawk shifters to do.”


       “Maxine, make him a hawk shifter.”

       “Thank you, Sir!”

       Maxine grinned and wiggled her fingers.

The End